Picture taken from Sunbeam Lake site..

Our site at Sunbeam Lake..

A goose enjoying the lake...

We have been busy beavers today, we have been preparing for our move to Yuma tomorrow. We said our goodbyes to all the wonderful new friends we met while staying in El Centro. Our drive to Yuma will only be about 60 miles, our visit will also be a very fast and busy visit. We have appointments to have a new satellite dish installed for one of the days, the next day we will have the RV washed and waxed and we leave the next day. Not much time to for exploring. :-)

Yuma is the perfect place to have things done to the RV. They have the best prices on everything. Washing and waxing the RV will be only $120 and the dish installed will be for $1800, way cheaper than anywhere else. Just the dish at Camping World is $2100 plus shipping and then installation. We will report how it all goes and give the name of the supplier later for anyone interested.

I am adding a few pictures of our site at Sunbeam Lake RV Park. I realized I forgot to add them when we arrived. I have also received a lot of questions about Sunbeam Lake RV Park. Our monthly site was $520 plus the electric. It is located on a lake and has a great area for fishing, Jerry is waiting to buy his fishing license for Arizona, so he didn’t do any fishing here but the lake is stocked with trout and bass. They also have a fabulous pool and spa with a large clubhouse and lots of planned activities, The people are very friendly, a lot of them return for the winter each year. We had a great time and highly recommend this beautiful park. This will be out last update from California, check back later for more from Arizona.

Sunbeam Lake RV Resort

1716 W. Sunbeam Lake Drive

El Centro, CA 92243

Toll-Free: (800) 900-7154 (in CA)

Phone: (760) 352-7154

FAX: (760) 352-8992

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