The satellite man arrived early this morning...

He did a great job installing our new satellite...

Our "Dream" being washed and waxed..

Looking good..:-)

Check it out, you can see reflections in it like a mirror,...

Last one, what a great anniversary gift from Sylvia and Buddy, we...

We have been busy as beavers since we arrived in Yuma yesterday. We had to get up at 6 AM this morning, we had a very early appointment to have our new dish installed. What we forgot about was California time being an hour later than Arizona, we are retired and don’t usually make appointments early in the morning. We survived, the new dish has been installed and it’s working great.

He didn’t even charge us the $50 to take the old one off, the total price with taxes and installation was $1849.00, that is a great deal and the reason we came to Yuma to have it done. He had to do a lot of re-wiring to get everything organized, it looks great and works fast and easy. All we have to do now is hold a button down for 3 seconds, it then checks the location and puts all the information in and automatically finds the satellites. It is also high definition and the very latest satellite on the market, it has all the bells and whistles.

After the satellite man finished, the guys showed up to wash and wax the RV. They did a wonderful job too, they used pressure washing to wash from the top, being very careful not to wet the new satellite plate and sealant, they hand dried everything before applying the wax and then hand buffed it. It looks great and they only charged $100. They washed our car too, what a deal! Jerry also gave them our old high definition tripod, we paid $150 for it not long ago, they were very excited to get it as a tip for free. We are very pleased with all the work done today. We have more stuff scheduled tomorrow, starting a little later at noon. :-)

Once we have all the work finished tomorrow we will prepare to move to Quartzsite for a few days. We have always wanted to see Quartzsite while all the RV people are visiting. We went once and the town was dead, this is the time of year everyone visits the area from all over the country, we can’t wait to shop for everything special made for RV’s. It should be a fun place to visit. Check back later for more from Arizona.

Satellite Electronics Installation, Inc

4475 E. 32nd Street

Yuma, Arizona


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