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Lynn in Salvador, Brazil

David in Salvador, Brazil

Cathedral Salvador, Brazil

Church Salvador, Brazil

Streets, Salvador, Brazil

Ribbons on church, Salvador, Brazil

Old lady, Salvador, Brazil

Old Funicular, Salvador, Brazil

Narrow building, Salvador, Brazil

Salvador, Brazil

Detail of roof, old building, Salvador, Brazil

Broken Cross, Salvador, Brazil

Elevator, Salvador, Brazil

Lynn and kitty, Salvador, Brazil

Shell of building, Salvador, Brazil

Skull and crossbones, Church, Salvador, Brazil

Old clock tower, Salvador, Brazil

Old restored house, Salvador, Brazil

Residential street, Salvador, Brazil

Graffiti, Salvador, Brazil

Monday 10th March 2014

Porto Seguro, to Salvador, Brazil

We set off from our beach camp at 6:00am today heading towards Salvador. It was quite hot and the day passed driving north. By about 5:30pm we had arrived at the ferry that left at about 7:00pm to take us across the bay to Salvador. We arrived in the city at about 8:45pm, checked into the hotel and then went out for some dinner – pretty basic stuff, soup and empanadas and beer. In bed by about 11:00pm.

Tuesday 11th March 2014

Salvador, Brazil

Had an excellent breakfast in the hotel today and then went out to explore the town and also to change money (Brazilian to US Dollars this time in preparation for Venezuela). It is an old city with many old historic buildings and churches. It is set on two levels – down by the port and docks and up on the hill. There are elevators and funiculars that go from the bottom to the top. We sat in the square and had a beer, afterwards we had an ice cream. We then went on a free walking tour and saw quite a deal of the residential areas, some of which had been restored (and some hadn’t). After the tour, we went and viewed the sunset and had a couple of caipirinhas and chatted. We met a couple of girls from Melbourne and had dinner with them in the town also with another one of the group and then we walked back to the hotel through the empty and dark streets. It was decidedly different from the daytime and a bit scary, but we arrived back at the hotel safely and to bed about 11:00pm. Day hot and fine (pretty much like every day here apparently).

Wednesday 12th March 2014

Salvador, Brazil

Breakfast like yesterday then out shopping today. Bought a couple of small things, then we went down in the elevator to the lower level of town and visited the touristy market near the port. Very disappointing and boring, so we walked back to the square and had a really nice lunch in a café, then strolled back to the hotel for a rest. Tonight we are heading out to the theatre for a cultural show. Again today the weather was hot, but there was a sharp shower just after breakfast.

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