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Devils Throat

More waterfalls!

On the boat going under the falls

The Crane Technique

Wet and Cheezy!

The bus left at 6:30pm. 16 hours on another luxury bus back to Buenos Aires. We sensed something was wrong when there weren't any blankets on the seats... All of the buses up to this point served a meal on board soon after leaving the station. This one was clearly the exception. Not only was there no food, but when the bus stopped for fuel a few hours in, they wouldn't let anyone off to buy snacks! We finally stopped at a restaurant at midnight! They served us some unidentifiable part of a cow along with cold mashed potatoes. Hardly fulfilling. But it was free so who could complain.

And there were no movies! We did manage to get some sleep and figured there would be a stop for breakfast. Nope. No stop. Arrived in B.A. around 11am. Realized then that we had become cama snobs...

Had a few hours to kill in B.A. so treated ourselves to lunch at McD's and did some shopping on the main strip.

Then on another luxury bus for 14 hours to Iguazu.

Fortunately, this bus was the best one we had taken yet. We were well fed and watered and even offered champagne after dinner! Only thing to complain about was that one of the movies was ''Funky Monkey'', perhaps the WORST movie ever created.

Arrived in Iguazu around 10:00. It was so nice to get out of the bus and feel the warm weather again. Couldn't wait to put the shorts and sandals on!!! The hotel was gorgeous. Huge reception area with tall white beams and vaulted ceiling, clean rooms and big bar.

You can view Iguazu Falls from 2 different countries, Argentina and Brazil.

We didn't have much time to settle in before we were on a tour bus to the Brazil side of the Falls. Yes, after all the hassle I got to use the Brazil visa. And it was well worth it!! A short walk from where the bus dropped us off, we got the first glimpse of the Falls. Though we were really far away, we could tell they were spectacular. As we got closer and closer, we could see the magnitude of the Falls which seemed to go on forever. Apparently Iguazu Falls consist of 275 different falls crashing around 80m into the Iguazu River.

We then walked along a path down the mountain that gave us a closer perspective of the water. At the end we walked onto a platform just in front of the falls and got soaked. But that was also the best position to sense the force of the water.

On our tour, we met a French guy called Benjamin `This is crazy!!!` Jousse (fluent in French, English, Spanish and German - the b**tard!) Hit it off with him right away. Little did we know at the time he would become our travel buddy for the next week.

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