It was a beautiful drive with awesome weather..

The "open range" for cows made it interesting...

They were everywhere...:-)

We saw a horse and lots of sheep...

We saw about six donkeys too..

Arriving in Utah..

We love this little RV Park in Bluff..

View from our window...

Our site...

The incredible Twin Rocks Cafe where we had dinner...

We had wonderful grilled chicken..

The porch was loaded with feeders, we saw a bunch of hummers..

Incredible views outside..


It was a wowser place to see..

They have a nice gift shop too..

Don't miss this one if you are in Bluff..

The Trading Post was closed today..

View showing all the shops and the restaurant...

Last one!

We had a very successful travel day, we had planned to stop in Chinle, Arizona and boondock, but when we arrived we changed out plans and decided to drive about 90 more miles to Utah. We stayed at a wonderful campground called “Cadillac Ranch” in Bluff, Utah. They only had one night available, we wished they had at least a few nights, we loved this tiny town with a population of around 300 people. The sites are all pull-through sites that face a pond or lake that is full of birds. The price is only $27 a night, what a deal!

We were tired from the drive so we went out to eat at a famous local restaurant for grilled chicken dinners. The restaurant was awesome, they have a huge porch with hummingbird feeders all over it and the birds were all over the feeders. The scenery behind the restaurant is do die for. (See photos) Nominated as one of Budget Travel Magazine’s coolest small towns, Bluff is nestled between dramatic sandstone bluffs and the San Juan River on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway in southeastern Utah.

The drive to Bluff took us through several awesome Arizona towns before we got into the boonies. The critter count for the drive was outstanding, we saw antelope first, then we saw a real sheepherder with tons of sheep and cows were all over the roads during the last 50 miles of our trip. They had signs everywhere warning you about the cows. They were not kidding, we had to stop for cows several times and once for horses too. it certainly made our drive more interesting. :-) We will be back on the road again early in the morning, check back later for more.

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