We passed a buffalo ranch in the area today...

A cool store in the tiny town of Maybell..

We passed a lot of ranches in the area...loved this cowboy..:-)

This area borders three states, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming...

We stopped by Vermillion Falls on the drive today too..

It was a short walk to view the falls...



Our next stop...

Info...I did see a badger today!

We enjoyed driving the eight mile wildlife loop...

We made a lot of stops along the Green River and more...

We saw a lot of Avocets in the water...

View of the Green River..

This area is known for moose too, but we didn't see any...

The island where the moose are usually seen..

Some areas were closed....

Our next stop was the fishing pier..


View from the pier..

Fish Info..

Back on the drive..


It was a beautiful wildlife drive...

Our next stop was the famous "Swinging Bridge", this will be in...

Last one, yellow headed blackbirds..

We visited Browns Park Wildlife Refuge today, we drove from Craig to the tiny town of Maybell, Colorado. Once in Maybell you turn right and go about 60 miles into the wilderness and follow the signs.

This area borders three states, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Browns Park has an extensive area of wetlands and riparian habitat unique for birding. We stopped at several pullouts to scan small ponds and rivers plus extensive sage flats perfect for birds.

The park has about 8 species of birds I have not seen yet, I was hoping to add a few new ones to my bird list. I did see a few of them but not well enough to positively identify them and add to my bird list. Maybe next time. :-)

We did manage to see a lot of wildlife, we had four deer run across the road in front of us, I am glad I saw them because Jerry didn’t. I screamed for him to stop, we could have hit one if I hadn’t. They were coming from the right side of the car is why I saw them first. We also saw a lot of rabbits, pronghorn antelopes, a badger and many beautiful birds, warblers, waxwings, yellow headed blackbirds, finches and more, just not new ones.

I am adding a paste of information below for others who want to visit this park, it is a cool place to see. We will be making many return trips to this area, it has miles of places to explore. Check back later for more from Colorado.

Paste Below:

Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge is a 13,450-acre U.S. National Wildlife Refuge located in northwestern Colorado. It is located in Moffat County in the extreme northwestern corner of the state, in an isolated mountain valley of Browns Park on both sides of the Green River, approximately 25 miles below Flaming Gorge Dam. Established in 1965, the refuge is managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service office in Maybell, Colorado. The primary purpose of the refuge is to provide high quality nesting and migration habitat for the Great Basin Canada Goose, ducks and other migratory birds.

The refuge is home to approximately 200 species of birds at various times of the year. Nesting birds in the refuge include mallards, redheads, teal, canvasbacks, other ducks, and Canada geese. About 300 goslings and 2,500 ducklings hatch annually. The waterfowl population swells by thousands during the spring and fall migrations. Bald eagles frequent the refuge during the winter. Golden eagles and peregrine falcons are seen soaring over the refuge during spring and summer. Bird watching is available at several locations in habitats ranging from semi-arid sage brush to lush wetlands and cottonwood stands adjacent to the Green River.

The Refuge is also home to mammal species such as deer, elk, pronghorn, and an occasional bighorn sheep, especially during moderate or severe winters. Moose are found in the wet, riparian areas during the spring, summer and fall. Deer and elk are commonly seen anywhere on the refuge during moderate to severe winters.

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