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Iowa Byways


It's Raining

It was warm when we went to bed last night. We left the windows open and the fan on. Around 11:00 the lightning, thunder and rain started.

We wake up to more of the same. John and I comment that we both slept great! We like a little light show. We are in no rush to get on the road.

The rain lets up and we head to town for breakfast. It is an easy travel day. We head north and then east on Route 34 to Omaha. There is a light rain most of the day. I do not take many pictures.

We stop in Omaha for an oil change. They claim our rig is too large. It is not. We have used this franchise before. It is their lose!

We head to Wal-Mart to get a new tire on our trailer. This Wal-Mart does not have an automotive department.

We arrive at our KOA in Gretna that is outside of Omaha. The KOA host sends us to town. Our tire is changed and we have an appointment for an oil change tomorrow.

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