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June 4, 2014

Nice cool evening for sleeping. We didn’t even wake up until 8:00 even though I remember the sun coming up around 5:30. I had promised Bob pancakes. The truth of the matter is that we had little else on board! We were on our way to Truckee by 9:30.

Leslie was waiting for us with cold cut sandwiches and Sierra Nevada Hoptimum beer. Sat out on the deck with the wonderful smell of pine. Is actually warm, 83 degrees. Leslie and I took a walk while Bob read the NYT. Nonstop chatter catching up on family, trip etc.

Leslie had already prepped most of our dinner so there was little that I could do to help. In Asheville we had found a new Mer Soleil Santa Lucia Highlands Reserve which we tried along with some interesting “crowd pleasing” cheeses. Really liked the Mer Soleil which seemed fruitier than the standard we have bought in the past. We had Chicken Marbella, a long time favorite from Silver Palette, cumin scented quinoa and black rice, dandelion greens with cumin/raisin vinaigrette. With this we had 2007 Beaucastel, one of our favorite Rhone wines. Brownies for dessert! What a nice dinner to crown the last meal on the road.

Tomorrow we will be home in Sonoma. We have driven 9,000 miles which seems to be what we have driven the previous 4 trips. We will be home until early September when we leave for 2 months in the Pacific NW and Canada. We have toured that part of the country previously but will visit some new areas as well as revisit areas we particularly enjoyed.

The blog will resume in September!

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