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I have always sought out small little spaces. When I was a kid I always found a closet or created a small space to call my own. even when I had my own room, you could find me in the basement in a little space with a little light and toys and happiness. This kind of thing has continued in my life. as in I always had small apartments but also, internally. What I mean is that so many times in life I tried to make myself as small as possible to feel comfortable or safe. I got so good at it that there were times that I did not speak a single word for days and no one noticed. I don't blame anyone but me for this. I was the only one not allowing me to have a voice. I was the only one hiding. I was the only one sinking into my little spaces to feel comfortable and safe.

An interesting out come of this journey I have been on is noticing on day that I was no longer filled with a little space, to stuff with addiction, unworthy people or myself. I had instead a wide open glorious space which the air could breeze through, touching and loving every part of me. I feel unblocked and releasement (is that a word??? hahaha)from so many things.

When I finally had the courage to turn away from my little space. I found I was like a little child playing hide and seek and they stand in the middle of the room with their eyes close believing you can not see them. But in my case, I was looking at a mirage believing it was who I really was. Un-fillable, un-loveable and un-worthy, but instead I find that I am a enough, most certainly enough, to be loved, worthy and to fill a whole life.

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