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Erie Canal

Our Boat for the Erie Canal Tour

One of the Locks

Water filling the Lock - notice the boat height in relation to...

Water still filling- raised the water level by 25 feet

Approching the "Wide Bridge"

Bill on the Boat

Last building on the right had to be moved 2 feet so...

Gates closing on the Lock

Gate almost closed!

Paula on the boat

Stopped at the Erie Canal Trail

First Presbyterian Church in Lockport, NY

"Christ Calling the Fishermen"

The Archangel Michael

The Wide Bridge Stats

We dropped anchor in Lockport, New York yesterday. Our plans are to stay here about a week.

Today we went to the little town of Lockport and took a boat ride on the historic Erie Canal. For you history buffs, a little bit of information is provided.

The Erie Canal is in New York, and originally ran a total of 363 miles from Albany to Buffalo and Lake Erie. It was built to provide a navigable waterway from New York City via the Hudson River to the Great Lakes.Construction on the canal started in 1817 and was opened to commercial traffic in October of 1925. An amazing feat of construction, the canal was dug by hand. Barges were towed upstream by mules walking along the side of the canal. Water transportation was much less expensive than overland trekking of goods and services. It originally cost about 10 million dollars to build, and the fee for transit was 1 cent per ton per mile. The traffic along the canal was so busy that the canal was paid for in 10 years.

Our boat ride last about 2 hours in which we rode through two locks, #34 and #35, each raising the boat 25 feet. There are 36 locks along the canal providing a lift of nearly 600 feet from Albany to Lake Erie! We passed under a few bridges along the route. One of the bridges is has fame as one of the widest bridges in the world. It actually has a city parking lot in the middle of it. It spans 129 feet across the canal, but is 329 feet wide - the length of a football field from goal post to goal post!

We also visited a Presbyterian Church here. Built in 1832, and rebuilt in 1850, it has 23 stained glass windows by Tiffany and Company. Five of the windows were crafted by Louis Comfort Tiffany, and the rest were made by Tiffany craftsman using his designs and tiffany glass. Depth in windows, creating a 3-D effect is made possible by different thicknesses in the glass. Some areas are layered, giving a flowing feel to the garments worn by the figures depicted in the art. A good thing about this tour - it was free - but we did make a donation to the church.

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