The drive to Denver took us over a couple of high passes..

One of many waterfalls on the drive..

Almost there..

We picked Vickie and Sam up and were on our way...

We all had a great lunch at Tequila's Mexican Restaurant..

Views on the drive back to Grand Lake...

We were greeted with three moose when we got back to our...


Grandpa and Sam working on our fire...

Last one!

We were so excited today, the day to pick Sammy and Vickie up at the airport has finally arrived. :-) We drove about 125 miles to the airport in Denver. The drive to the airport took us over a couple of high passes, it was a beautiful drive with snow-capped mountains and lots of waterfalls. We also enjoyed driving through all the tiny towns we have not visited before.

We arrived at the perfect time, Vickie and Sammy were on their way to pick up their bags, we only had to wait a few minutes before they met us at the Delta Terminal. On the drive back we stopped at Tequila’s Restaurant for lunch before starting the drive back to Grand Lake.

When we arrived at out campground in Grand Lake we were greeted by three large female moose. This area is a “WOWSER” area to stay in, we are only 1/4 mile from the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance. We are looking forward to many trips into the park to show Vickie and Sammy. It is going to be a great two weeks, let the fun begin. Check back later for more from Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Lake, Colorado.

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