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And they're off!

This looks interesting!

Downtown Buffalo, city hall

Mile "0" Erie Canal trail

Very excited to get started.

Our bikes

Ice cream!

June 16

Day one of our adventure.

Buffalo to Lockport

After a great buffet breakfast at the hotel, we packed up and headed off. The train brought us to Depew, a suburb about 10 miles from downtown Buffalo, the start of the Erie Canal trail. We made our way through the streets (some pretty seedy!) of Buffalo until we reached the downtown. 

A little history of the canal. It was proposed in 1808 by then governor Dewitt Clinton and completed in 1825. It was built to open up a trade route between the Hudson River in the east and Lake Erie in the west. Clinton at first received no support and the canal was sarcastically referred to as "Clinton's Ditch". But it soon bought much prosperity to this part of the country. It made it possible for farmers etc. to sell their wares to a much wider market. Along the sides of the canal was built a 10 foot wide tow path where horses were meant to pull the boats. This tow path is where we are riding our bikes.

We realize now we have been pretty spoiled by well marked biking trails in Quebec and BC that we've rode on. This one (at the beginning at least) was not so easy to follow and we kept having to pull out the guidebook and/or ask for directions. This trail headed north from Buffalo along the Niagara River and turned east at a town called Tonawanda.

My favourite part of the day was late afternoon, stopping for an amazing ice cream cone at a parlour right on the canal. So welcome after a hot day.

Once we made it to Lockport, we happened upon an antique car show right along the main drag. It was definitely the place to be in Lockport that night. So cool seeing all the old cars and how they've changed over the years.

Made our way to the Lockport Inn where we got the King suite with the double jacuzzi hot tub. Jackpot! If only we weren't so tired after the long bike ride!

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