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Today was a most interesting driving day. I did not drive on one 4 lane highway. Every road I took was two lanes. I went through the Poconos, Adirondacks, Catskills, and I'm now in the Berkshires. The morning was very rainy, in some places it downright poured. Between the dark clouds and the overhanging trees I had to turn the dashboard lights up all the way so that I could see the speedometer. I drove through towns like Lebanon, Damascus, and Galilee; all in New York. I'm now about 130 miles from East Lyme. I should be there sometime early afternoon, unless I find something interesting along the way. I can say that I have driven through small town America. Some of the towns are as old as the country and some were founded in the mid-1800s. I colonial-era taverns and inns. I have seen the type of Catskill resort that Dirty Dancing must have used. I saw a turn of the century house (3 floors, Victorian trim, balconies) and 16 acres of land for sale. The biggest problem that owner has is the house is in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by not much. Several of the towns had one room Post Office building, another had a courthouse next to the farmhouse, I didn't see the police station. Possible that they had a Resident State Trooper. if you can't tell I had a thoroughly enjoying drive today. You miss so much when you drive on the interstates. Sorry no photos. Couldn't find a place to pull-over. Most roads were 40 mph. Some got up to 50 mph most though where 35 mph limits.

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