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This will probably the last entry I will make from the city of Cape Town. In three day's time, I will be in London and I am sure I will be rather forlorn in leaving my favorite city and the amazing people I have met along my way. Last night we went up to signal hill and up near the cableway so I could say good-bye to the city lights. The lights of the city were stunning as ever. I am having a bit of trouble accepting the fact that I am really leaving and that my time here is ending. I love this city!!! However, I suppose with every end comes a new beginning (I know it's cliché but I have to tell myself these things or I won't get on the plane). Tonight and Thursday night are going to be big nights. Thursday I am going to dinner and then out on the town with some of the people I have met in my time here. It is going to be great to see everyone, though I am sure I will be wreck when it comes time to say good-bye. It does not look as though I will be getting the pictures online until I get back home, so if you are still interested they will eventually be posted. Thank you so much for all of your emails while I have been here. It has been great hearing from you. It has been especially nice having correspondence with those of you whom I had not heard from in quite some time and those of you with whom I may not have ever really talked to before I came to South Africa. I hope we continue to stay in touch. It has been great to feel as though I still have a connection to those of you back home. I am really excited to see everyone when I get back to the states, prepare yourselves for a huge hug and probably a few tears!!

To my South African family, The Lewis family:

Thank you for making my time here in South Africa wonderful. I am so grateful for the time that I have had with you and I hope that I will some day see you again. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and thank you again for taking me into your home and making me feel welcome; I am truly indebted to you. If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know, you will always have a place to stay in California...unless I move back to South Africa! I love you and thank you!!!

To my friends:

Thank you so much for being a part of my time here in Cape Town, you have certainly made my journey wonderful. I have enjoyed every minute between the crazy nights filled with dancing and singing, to the movies and the many many cups of tea, climbing Table mountain, having dinner together, going to concerts at Kirstenbosch, scuba diving, making pancakes, Climbing Lions Head, going out to dinner, watching rugby, zoo camp and field excursions, going out for drinks, the long talks... my confidants, Climbing cranes and houses together, the laughter, the hugs, wine tasting, the long walks, going to the beach, Manuka, Karaoke, Stellenbosch, Cape Point, one eyed drinking, Boulders,Frisbee, Simons Town, the house parties,Hermanus, the home cooking, Camping,swimming in the ocean...or rather wrestling in the ocean, tackling and tickling, skeleton gorge runs, the infamous kelp horn the list goes on and on. I have had so many great experiences with so many wonderful people, and for that, I want to thank you. You have been great in dealing with this silly American and putting up with my incessant need to do everything there is to do in Cape Town. It has been a joy getting to know you and I hope that we will meet again one day.

To my road trippers:

What an amazing adventure we shared together!! Thank you for the good times! I will never forget the sunsets or the campfire chats (or the infamous night of gin). Long live the impala club!!! Count me in for the Cape to Cairo trip...there are so many more adventures to be had! I wish you all the best in your endeavors and I hope to see you again...and hopefully there will be lots of driven driven driven driven driven driven driven. Take care!!

To my South African Souvenirs (Jess, Jahni and Charles):

I am so excited to see you in California!! I have so much to show you, I can't believe you are really coming!! You have made my time here unbelievable and I am so glad that I have convinced you to come visit me at home. I hope I will be able to show you the same amazing hospitality you have shown me in my time here. I'm going to miss you like crazy for the next couple of months, but seeing you again in California is going to be brilliant!! Enjoy your second term and I will see you soon!!!

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