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Hubbard glacier. Look how BLUE!

Beautiful scenery around the glacier.

Lots of small chunk of ice in these waters that have broken...

Today is the first of 2 days we will spend “at sea” to get to our first stop. We are out in the open ocean, so the seas are pretty rough and Betty is not doing too well. It helps to stay on the lower decks where the “rocking” is not as bad, so we spent quite a bit of time in the casino – imagine that!! The boat did make one slight detour into a fiord to view Hubbard glacier. It was beautiful! We had opted to pay the extra for a room with a balcony and it is already SO worth it.

Glaciers are blue in appearance, although they are not actually blue. Glaciers are formed when many multiple feet of snow fall in the mountains, and get compressed into a very dense ice. Eventually there is nowhere for the ice to go, so it “flows” down the mountainside. The denseness of the ice is such that it absorbs all the colors of the rainbow EXCEPT blue. Since the blue light is reflected, the glaciers look blue.

There were lots of chunks of ice in the water that had come from the glacier, but unfortunately, we did not get to see a glacier "calve" on this trip. This is what it is called when the glacier melts and sheds a portion of it's surface.

Dinner tonight was one of 2 “formal” nights planned on the boat, so we dressed for dinner, and had a great meal in the Bayou Cafe on the boat. After dinner, Kevin surprised Betty with a beautiful 20th anniversary ring. She promptly placed it on the ring finger of her left hand, moving her wedding ring to her right hand.

After dinner, we put our jeans back on and went back to the casino for little while to relax.

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