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Hong Kong! I flew from Shanghai to the Island of Hong Kong where I would have a few days to explore. Now, Hong Kong is China, well at least on paper, but the place acts and feels like its own country. It is a major metropolitan city with all the trimmings. and a vibe all its own.

First things first. I at the moment, being a backpacker, do not carry many nice clothes, I especially do not carry a suit with me, as a matter of fact I do not have a suit hanging in any closet, anywhere. I am suit free. Which, if I do say so myself, is pretty nice, especially if you have ever had to put a suit on every morning to go to work at any point in your life. Being unemployed and suit free is … well, freedom. But all good things must come to and end …. easy now, I am still unemployed .... but I do see the need for a suit in my near future. And as it turns out Hong Kong is famous for its Tailors, its Suit makers. So, when in Hong Kong...

Down to the Concierge I go and inquire about Hong Kong Tailors. There are many famous tailors in town, and as it turns out I am right around the corner from one of the best. So, off I go suit shopping for the first time in many years. Very strange. It was actually very painless, the process was quick and efficient. Pick a quality level of fabric, pick a color, pick the actual fabric, decide on a style, single breasted, pleated pants, cuffed pants, get measured, pick a shirt fabric, a style, get measured, pick a tie. Whew! Then the not so painless part, pay! Hahahaha...

Okay, back to sightseeing, now I may have missed the skyline view in Shanghai due to the weather, but the weather in Hong Kong was beautiful. So off I went to get the best view. First stop the Peak Tram which climbs the hillside and drops you at Victoria Peak where the absolute best view of Hong Kong was waiting to greet me. I gawked out at the city below and though a little overwhelmed, even intimidated by the massiveness of it all, I sized it all up and made a plan.

Down I went into the hustle and bustle. I wandered around the Central Mid-Levels and took a 800 meter escalator! that helps move the masses up and down the steep hillside. I stopped at the Man Mo Temple, which was built in the mid 1800’s and where they worship the Gods of Literature and Martial Arts. I believe in both literature and martial arts! So I wandered around and marveled at the people making offerings and all of the incense burning.

By this point I had worked up an appetite and stopped in to the highly recommended Luk Yu Teahouse. Wow! I sat in the almost ancient dining room, and savored the flavors of the shrimp dumplings in chicken broth, and the pork sweet & sour style over rice. Mmmmm….

The following afternoon found me on the Star Ferry to Kowloon where I wandered around the Tsim Sha Tsui area and gawked at all the neon and people and capitalism at its best. Then as a real treat I walked down to the Avenue of the Stars and after taking a fun, spontaneous, survey conducted by some local school kids, I found my way to the Bruce Lee Statue/Monument. Bruce Lee!

Back over on the island I had to make a quick stop at my Tailors for my final fitting and to give them some mailing instructions on where to send the finished product. (fingers crossed it looks as good as it cost when I meet up with it again in the USA).

Then it was off to Yin Yang for dinner. Alright, so this restaurant is supposed to be fantastic and being so fantastic very hard to get in to. You are recommended to make reservations weeks in advance and at the time of making a reservation you have to pay for your meal with your credit card so in case you cancel or don’t show up you get charged anyway. Yes, it is supposed to be that good. I found out about the place the day before. I promptly took myself down to the lobby and asked the Concierge to call and see if just possibly they could fit me in? He called, spoke in Chinese, hung up, and reported sadly to me that they could not take a reservation for 1 person. Oh well, it was worth the try right. So off I went and as his words sunk in it dawned on me that there may be a solution, so back I went to the same Concierge and asked him to call back and see if there was a table for 2 available? I told him I had no problem paying for and eating a meal for 2! He called and though the proprietor was a little taken back and asked a bunch of questions, a deal was struck and I had my dinner reservation for 2, for 1.

I arrived at the restaurant on schedule and was immediately surprised to first find that besides the address there was no way of knowing it was the restaurant from the street, second, upon entering the restaurant I found a dining room consisting of only 3 tables! 2 tables for 4 and 1 table for 2. So that is why it is so hard to get in and why they want all the seats paid for, they only cook for and serve 10 people a night. Wow! I was seated at my table and over the next 2 hours or so was treated to one of the best meals I have had in all of China. I could go on and on about the different course, there were 10 of them, and some were as exotic as it comes, but the one I feel compelled to mention was the chicken. The Yellow Earth Chicken. I’ve dined in many a nice restaurant, and for you who do not know, am a trained Professional Chef in my own right, but there is nothing, and I mean nothing like good simple food cooked to perfection. The Chef of Yin Yang has created her own style of clay oven to cook this dish in and what comes out is nothing short of the best chicken I have ever tasted! The best! Hats off, bravo!

Full, satisfied and happy, I wandered home, fell into a deep sleep, and dreamt about my next stop…



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