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Our transportation

Floatplane taking off

Floatplanes are a major means of transportation in Alaska

A peek at Mt. McKinley as we leave

Redoubt Bay Lodge

All togged out

Young eagle

Bears hide in the heavy brush, we watched for movement

Watching over his kingdom

Beautiful country

Mother and cub looking forsalmon to munch



The rain did not faze this eagle

Found a snack!

They swoop in and steal fish from bears

A face-off?

Bear and eagle - perfect!


Waterfalls were abundant

Glacier Mountain

Blue glacier ice



Fishing to feed 3 cubs is tough

He swam straight at us. We had to move quickly.

So cuddly looking

Leaving the valley

Anchorage, AK Alaska has more than 98% of the US population of brown bears,so we departed from Lake Hood, the world’s busiest floatplane harbor, bright and early in the morning. These small floatplanes like our own are the only access to many places in Alaska, including our destination. We flew southwest over Cook Inlet and the western edge of the Kenai Peninsula to the foothills of Lake Clark National Park. Redoubt Bay Lodge is 70 miles southwest of Anchorage as the crow (or floatplane) flies. When we left Anchorage, it was partially cloudy but clear enough to see Mt. McKinley in the distance – a rare occurrence. As we progressed, clouds began to press in. By the time we reached our goal, it was raining. We bounced down through the clouds and landed on 9-mile long glacial Crescent Lake. Ath the lodge we bundled up in rain gear and headed out on pontoons, 5 or 6 per boat. Redoubt Bay is home to one of the most concentrated and viewable bear populations in the state of Alaska. We set out through pouring rain and cold to find them and we accomplished our goal. We ended up with 10 bears and 8 eagles, the most of any of the boats. Obviously we did not see them all at one time. We were out for several hours before returning for a delicious salmon lunch (and to thaw out). Then we returned to the hunt, taking a break again in the middle of the afternoon. Some opted not to continue but to stay in the Lodge in front of the fire. We, naturally, stayed the course. Jim was essential to the hunt as he and his binoculars were good at spotting bear. Although pleased with our accomplishment, we were happy to fly out again at the end of the day to our warm hotel in Anchorage. It was an amazingly smooth flight this time although the rain had not stopped. There has been so much rain at Crescent in the last week that the lake level has risen enough to hide entire beaches.

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