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Unique gateway of Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Moose thinks he is hiding

Center is at the end of Turnagain Arm


Shaggy musk ox

A big guy

Wood Bison

Wood Bison look like Plains Bison but are slighlty bigger

Musk ox calf

Sitka deer

A little one

Bears are Jim's favorite

Rain does not faze him

He is guarding a fish

This bear has a lovely home

We were able to get quite close

This black bear was hiding in the bushes

An orphaned baby moose

Alyeska Tram

2300 feet up

Some of our views

Turnagain Arm in the distance

Lovely. There is a suggestion of sunshine


Glacier Creek

A rare sighting in Alaska - blue sky!

More glaciers

The blue of a glacier is fascinating

Anchorage, AK One of the highlights of our trip was to be a helicopter ride onto a glacier where we would be able to meet the sled dogs and mush our own sleds. We were really looking forward to it but the weather did not cooperate. They had to shut down for the season early. We then quickly switched to another company that operates at a lower elevation. As we were on our way they, also, called to cancel. We are so bummed. But we enjoyed our day anyway. First we visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see bears, moose, Sitka deer, musk ox, caribou, Wood Bison and elk. The Wood Bison is similar to the Plains Bison in Nebraska but is actually larger and the body shape is a bit different. The elk at the center are Rocky Mountain elk someone brought up to Alaska. They would quickly die if left to fend for themselves as they are not adapted to Alaska weather. The Center is a non-profit that provides refuge for orphaned, injured and ill animals; cares for animals that cannot survive on their own in the wild; and educates visitors about Alaska’s wildlife. Although it was pouring rain, we walked the entire 2 mile route and then went back and did some of it again. Next we went into Girdwood. The Alyeska Aerial Tram is a 7 minute ride from The Hotel Alyeska to 2,300 ft above and the top of Mt. Alyeska. One can see miles in all directions – even today with the rain. We could see Turnagain Arm and several “hanging” glaciers. Gorgeous. Then we drove Crow Creek Road, a pot-holed dirt road, for views of some amazing scenery. We were returning to the highway when we saw a sign to the Crow Creek Mine. We were curious so we drove in. When we reached the mine, we saw a big white tent and a parking lot almost full of people wearing very nice clothes, all there to attend a wedding. Who would have thought we would find a wedding at an old mine at the end of a dirt road?

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