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Entry into the Restaurant

A toast to 34 Wonderful Years Together

Chicken Marsala

Penne Pasta in Garlic Butter Sauce.

The bread basket which was refilled!

Lee's Chicken Parmigiana

Our bags of leftovers

We had a full day today since we worked until noon and then attended the Country Living Fair. Afterward though we weren't ready to go home so we decided to head to the Best Buy in Kingston to see about getting a Cellular Signal Booster. This Best Buy was supposed to have them according to the online store, but they didn't. So we stopped at Radio Shack (Thank goodness for POI's on the GPS) and they had one. So $400 later including tax, we’ll see if we can get the cell phone to work better at the campground so maybe we can get or make a phone call! Radio Shack tells us that we can take it back if it doesn’t work.

After a full day we were heading over to Panera's to have dinner when I said “You know, we’ve been married 34 years today, maybe we should do better than Paneras.” Lee was all for it so we decided to turn the truck around and we headed for Frank Guido’s Little Italy. We’d seen signs for their restaurant around and thought it sounded good. They make family style Italian food.

Entering the restaurant was like walking into an old movie scene. The restaurant had a small storefront but inside the place was really long with two floors for dining. We entered the bar area where TV's were set up in all corners showing the latest sports game. Last night it was soccer. Waiters were running up and down everywhere carrying huge trays of food.

The food was absolutely scrumptious! They serve single meals or family style. This side dish came with the Chicken Marsala - Penne Pasta in Garlic Butter Sauce. Lee ordered Chicken Parmigiana and thought it was fabulous! His dinner also came with a side dish of spaghetti in a garlic butter sauce. It was like a full serving of spaghetti - well, maybe two servings!

I watched the four people next to us take home enough for another meal for four We took enough home for us to have two meals each and we had the single serving meals! Also, I now have changed my mind on who serves the best Chicken Marsala ever!

I went home half zonked and a little woozy. Of course, I am pretty much a light weight when it comes to drinking. I was glad Lee had to drive home! Hope to visit this restaurant again before we head south!

A toast to 34 years of married life and I would do it over in a heartbeat!! I only hope my children are as lucky as I was the second time around!

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