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Simone Felice


Memorial Day BBQ



Phil & Friend's - Central Park Summer Stage, NYC

Simone, Gabe, Matt - Stage One

Capitol Theater, Portchester, NY

Phil & Friend's

Summer Stage, NYC

Ander's Osborne Acoustic - City Winery, NYC

Anders Osborne & Carl Dufrene - Electric

Anders Osborne

Mountain Jam - Hunter Mountain, NY

Allman Brother's Band

ABB Setlist

Simone Felice - Boot & Saddle


WSP at The Mann

Widespread Panic

My Mom

My Dad

And I’m bound to keep on ridin’

I’ve got one more sliver dollar

But I’m not gonna let ‘em catch me, no,….

What was to be a nice, easy, quick, non-stop flight from St. Louis to Newark turned into an all day nightmare - my flight was canceled and I had to fly to Atlanta to eventually fly to Newark - but I made it and I hit the ground running. Well actually ridin’, riding in style, as my sister had sent a Car Service to meet me, and off I went in my Chauffeur driven Lincoln Town Car to some Budget Rent-a-Car in Paramus, NJ to pick up my economy car….a quick fall from grace. Hahahaha….

Anyway off I went to my Sister Kelli’s for a quick hug and a few laughs before I picked right back up where I had left off - live music. I went to see Simone Felice that first night back in some dudes living room. This guy Drew has been doing Live@Drew’s for a bunch of years now. So there I was in his living room overlooking some lake in northern New Jersey with Simone & Friends rocking’ out as the sunset and then a storm blew in and nature provided the special effects of thunder and lightening over the water in the background!

I took the next day to relax and enjoy my family’s company, before I jumped in the economy car and drove up to my friend Kevin’s house for his annual Memorial Day Bash! He throws this absolutely insane party on his 43 acres in the woods, complete with clowns and jumpy balloon things for the kids and live bands for all to enjoy. What I love most about his parties though is it is a very unique chance for me to see tons of people I know and love. People that I have been friends with for decades. It is an amazing time and for me the party, the after party, the after party after the after party is such a special treat that this alone was worth flying home for.

But lets get back to the music. No sooner had we shook ourselves off and cleaned up a bit, then it was time to go to some shows. There was an awesome week of music in front of us. It went a little something like this….New York City, Central Park Summer Stage for an evening with Phil Lesh & Friends. The next night it was a 4 hour drive (not really, it just felt like 4 hours!) to Fairfield, Connecticut where Simone Felice was performing at Stage One. Night 3 found us in Portchester, NY at The Capitol Theater for another amazing show from Phil Lesh & Friends (some different friends tonight). And to round off the week, we went back to Central Park Summer Stage, NYC for a final show from none other than Phil Lesh & Friends :-)

Okay, so sufficiently filled up with friends and live music it was about time I got my butt in gear and went to go see my Mom & Dad, which is really why I came home in the first place. The only problem was that they were not in the same place, not even the same State. So, me and my economy car set off to do a little driving. First stop Lavallette, NJ, which is where my Mom was and where her Home is. She was not as of yet back in her Home though - she was close - Super Storm Sandy wrecked her house some 20 months ago and she was working her tail off to get the finishing touches done and get her and my Dad moved back in. So, I showed up and gave her a huge hug - and she gave me a huge hug - and, well we hugged a lot.

From NJ I drove to Pennsylvania and went to see my Dad and give him a hug, at their Condo in Phoenixville, PA. He is staying here while my Mom does what she does because if he is there with my Mom she says he just gets in the way. So, we did what we do best, tell stories, eat, laugh, love and see family. We went one night to dinner with my Sister Kristin and her Husband Terry and my Niece Kasey. Another night we met up with my Aunt Res (my Dad’s Sister) and my Uncle Joe for a wonderful meal and lots of love and laughter.

Okay, filled up with Family it was time to get back to the live music. I love it here on the East Coast as there is music going on everywhere. So off I went back to hang with Kevin and friends. We caught a magical night of Anders Osborne at The City Winery in New York City. The following morning we piled in with some friends and drove up to Hunter Mountain in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. The day started with Anders Osborne doing a full electric set and ended with a phenomenal night of music by the Allman Brothers Band! This may very well be the last time I see the ABB as it is their 45th Anniversary Tour and maybe their last. They played their 1st and 2nd Albums in their entirety and it was perfect. We danced the night away on the mountain with some great friends - old and new!

New York has a lot to offer but as it turns out so does Philadelphia. So off I went to downtown Philly. I spent the following long weekend touring Philly and hanging with amazing friends. In between museums, the theater, some great restaurants and the market, we caught Simone Felice at the Boot & Saddle. Then, for the first time in a while for me, I saw Widespread Panic perform at The Mann Center. Wow! I forgot how much I like the Panic!

To put the perfect finishing touch on the weekend - it happened to be Father’s Day - I drove to New Jersey to congratulate my Mom & Dad on getting back into their Home!! Woo hoo! And to have a very happy Father’s Day dinner with my family. Life is good.

I hung out for the week with my Mom & Dad in their “new” Home. Then went and met up with my Niece Danielle and we went to see Live in concert. Ouch! I missed Live first time around - in the 90’s? - and I am thinking I’ll skip them from here on out too :-)

I may not have totally grooved on the music but I did love every second of getting to hang out with my Niece. She is one of my best friend’s in the whole world.

One more day and one more show - I traveled back up to Kevin’s and a bunch of us went to go see Beth Hart. Now, if you have never seen or heard Beth Hart I suggest you go to youtube right now and check it out. She rocks!

Okay, enough for now, I was definitely getting carried away. I could do family, friends and live music forever, but somewhere in there my soul got a tug and the road called and I bought a plane ticket or two….

But I’m not gonna let ‘em catch me, no,

Not gonna let ‘em catch the Midnight Rider….



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