2014 Eagle trip travel blog

We first stopped at Ausable Chasm but it was starting to rain so we opted to look at the waterfall from the road - it wasn't a good time to hike down to it. Then we drove to Plattsburgh which is a town with history going back to the war of 1812 and earlier, located on Lake Champlain. It's very scenic and historical, the downtown is filled with old buildings and a tall monument to the war of 1812. We went to the 1812 war museum that had a good movie about the battle of Plattsburgh and it's significance - kept the British from gaining control of this most important waterway and lead to the end of hostilities. The curator was very informative and the collection of memorabilia was well done. We then went to the airbase museum that just opened in June and learned about the fact this area was the longest continuously operated military base except for Westpoint. It was a SAC base in the 1970's with a 2 mile runway, we drove to the airport to see what remains, many buildings, gives one an understanding of how big it was at the time. We also learned there were 12 Atlas ICBM's in this area too - all have been decommissioned and several are now owned by private individuals. We then drove the Barracks area with buildiings from the late 1800's that still remain and the parade ground is now a park. The brick housing we saw was built at the time of the Spanish American war. There is an older building that was utilized by Ulysses S. Grant on the base as well. A really neat town.

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