Point Retreat lighthouse in the distance on the way to Sitka.

Another light house in the Sitka harbor.

Castle Hill is the site of the transfer of Alaska from Russia...

The old Pioneer's home. An old folks home.

St Michaels of the Archangel Cathedral.

A Russian Blockhouse on our city tour..

Totem Park is is a trail through the rainforest to view the...

A Totem Pole in Totem Park. Each pole tells a story of...

A Totem Pole in Totem Park

Ludvig's Bistro Chowder Cart. A lady at a marina in Juneau told...

Ludvigs Chowder House. We met a lady from France here. She was...

There were thousands of Salmon swmming upstream on the Indian River.

Tents on the ferry for travelers to sleep in if they so...

We arrived in Sitka Monday afternoon and departed Tuesday evening. It was pretty easy to kill a day and a half here. Sitka ranks 9th on the Smithsonian's Top 20 Best Small Towns To Visit.

Sitka has a lot of Russian influence as well as a lot of original Tlingit Native Indian culture. They were the first to live here then Russia defeated them and claimed it for their own. There is still litigation in place where the Tlingit Nation is claiming Russia never owned the land to sell to the USA. The Totem poles were originally carved by the Tlingits.

We toured the city on foot. It is not very large. There was a cruise ship in while we were there. One of our favorite stops was the Harry Race Soda Shop. You could actually get an old fashioned ice cream soda here. It took them forever to make it, but it was worth the wait.

We toured Totem Park. There are a lot of old Totem Poles there. Actually most of them are reproductions. The originals are in the museum where they are protected. We really enjoyed our short stay in town visiting all the Histotical sights.

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