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Stately swans

A big guy

Lovely reflection

Alaska Range

Clouds settling in

Sun peeking through

Just gorgeous

A lofty peak

Hungry brown (grizzly) bear

Such beauty

Fall is definitely showing itself

Dall sheep with a good curl

These are the true colors

Great views

One can see for miles

Such vistas

The bears are almost frenzied in their feeding as winters approaches

Arctic Ground Squirrel

Our road crosses the bridge in the distance

Stately caribou

Amazing! This is a hint of what Fall looks like here

Uncooperative bear would not show us her face

Denali (Mt. McKinley) peeks through

Talkeetna, AK At the Kantishna Roadhouse, guests are assigned tablemates. We were very fortunate to be given Tim and Julie. They are a delightful couple whose company we greatly enjoyed which is good because it turns out they were next door to us in our 4-plex, too. Today we had to say goodbye to them as our time in Kantishna has ended. We had to be up at 4:45 am and have our bags outside by 5:20. Breakfast was not until 5:30. Why would you have to wait for breakfast after you had to have the bags outside? There is nothing to do after setting out your bags. It was delicious when we did finally get it. Then we were off. For some reason, it was not the best day for wildlife. The count for the day was: Swans 2, Caribou 5, Grizzly bears 3, Northern Harrier 1, Dall Sheep 1, Artic Ground Squirrel 1, Ptarmigan 1 and moose 1. Although it did not rain, it was a cloudy day but the scenery was still breath taking. There is no way to get a photograph that does it justice. One can go for many, many, many miles in Alaska and never see a soul. Services such as gas stations are few and far between and there certainly is no phone or internet for the majority of the state. You can imagine our horror when the oil pressure light in our rental car came on while we were still 100 miles from Talkeetna. After consulting the owner's manual we checked the oil level. It seemed okay so we continued on (not much option anyway). After 10 minutes the light went off. Whew! Now that we have cell service again, we will call the car company to let them know.

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