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Store at Weaver View Farms


Glenora Winery on Seneca Lake

Grapevines, Seneca Lake, and Farms Beyond

Waiting for the Fire

Not Yet Dark


Having consulted the Quilter's Travel Companion and knowing about all the wineries in the area, we headed south on 14, which is part of the Erie Canalway Historic Corridor. Seneca Lake was soon in view.

We went to three fabric shops, each of which is owned and run by a Mennonite woman. We visited with Pauline Weaver at Weaver View Farms; I bought a quilt from her six years ago and it was nice to talk to her. She would like a photo of the quilt ("if you're so inclined"); it seems she does not have one. At her store there are also preserves and baked goods made be locals. Each of the other two stores also featured menswear fabrics for the Mennonite and Amish communities, as well as shoes, boots, and hats in the styles they favor.

The Mennonite communities in this area are pretty progressive. Pauline uses electricity, has a phone and fax, and probably drives a car. We did see a couple of Amish buggies when we went for sandwiches at the Orange Diner (yes, it is).

At a farm market, we got sweet corn, blueberries, a huge red bell pepper and a giant tomato.

After lunch we rambled along some country roads and saw a doe cross the road. Her twins were there in the tall grass as well and posed for a "bookends" photo.

We stopped at Climbing Bines Craft Ale Brewery. Joe's not big on ale, but did a tasting.

We had been to Glenora Winery (the first on Seneca Lake in the 70's) before and stopped there for a tasting. We bought a mixed case of reds and whites.

We drove back through the historic district of Geneva, enjoying the architecture along the lake.

Supper was be ham with fresh veggies, salad, and berries. And just maybe a little sweet treat from Weaver View Farms.

It's been refreshing to have good wifi, although Joe gives a hearty "booo" to crummy TV. So we had our only campfire of the entire trip thus far.

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