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8/30/2014. Saturday. Mind Games Suck!

Today may be the official start of our adventure to the North Country but the head game began 2 weeks ago at the KOA in Kissimmee, Fl when we were invited to have lunch with Tammy and June. The rule of this game is very simple: discover what Bill's phobias are and then plant little "seeds" that will grow into huge crops of fear in his fertile mind. For example, I have a fear of big bridges so Tammy deftly pulled up a photo of the deadly bridge crossing the Niagara River that I have to cross to get to our campground near Niagara Falls. That little "seed" kept growing every day until now it consumes my thoughts. In my mind this bridge is now high enough and long enough to span the Atlantic Ocean.

The Navigator and I arrived at Jenny and Kenny's at 7:30am and immediately Kenny had a problem with our route. He wanted to take I75 to I85 but the Navigator plotted our route up I95. Since Kenny is never wrong, he drug me into the house to pull up

Mapquest. Kenny was wrong! Now, Kenny decided to play the Mind Game so he casually mentioned that once we get close to Buggs Island in Virginia he would call his bother to guide us down a narrow, twisting unpaved road and over a narrow, high dam to the campground. Kenny trumps Tammy- he planted 2 "seeds". This whole day all I thought of was that DAMN Dam! This bodes ill for this trip.

The first leg of our trip went well; traffic was light and lunch at Cracker Barrel was good. Our first stop is in Yemassee, SC and, get this, there is great pie store (The Carolina Cider Company which is highly rated by Southern Living) near us so tomorrow when we leave that will be a definite stop....I hear pie soothes the troubled mind.

Sunday we will be "guided" to our Biggs Island Campground. Wait! What was that?

A sphincter twitch?

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