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8/31/2014. Sunday. No Pie For You!

It's the crack of 8:30am and we are off to the Carolina Cider And Pie Store to partake of their famously fresh pastries only to discover that they aren't open that early on Sunday. I had my heart set on procuring a nice peach pie and the Navigator was drooling for a cherry pie. Maybe on the way back.

Making a u-turn to head back to I95, Kenny noticed that my tow dolly hitch support hit the road when our RV went over a dip. When we pulled into a gas station, he asked me if the RV had air bags. Air bags? Open up this side hatch says he and sure enough he discovers an air portal. He put air into said portal and right before our very eyes the rear end of the RV magically rose skyward. So, with almost 2 years of ownership under our belts Kenny now decides to ask about air bags. Surprisingly, the RV rode much better and we didn't scrape our ass end as we traversed uneven continental topology.

Lunch today was in Lumberton, NC at the Smithfield Chicken and BBQ restaurant. I had the super platter that consisted of fried chicken, Carolina BBQ, potato salad and Brunswick stew. The chicken had a great crunchy, slightly salted texture and the meat was oozing the correct amount of moisture. When I took a bite of chicken I could hear the slight crunch of the skin as the moisture of the meat gently filled my mouth with the tasty but secret spices. The vinegary Carolina Q was also very moist and nicely combined with the spices of the chicken. What can I say say about the Brunswick stew other than it was nice and thick with vegetables and the sauce added another layer of spice to my meal. The young lady attending to our table of 4 had a beautiful Southern accent that only is exhibited by a North Carolinian. Something new about this dining experience: on the dining room floor was a sink supplied with soap and towels for the patrons to use after eating! That's how moist this food was.

Back on the road and heading helter-skelter to my rendezvous with the dreaded DAMN DAM I was playing out various scenarios of disaster and survival in my head. The nearer we approached our turnoff the tighter my sweaty hands gripped the steering wheel and the faster the butterflies in my stomach flapped their wings. We made the turn onto a narrow country road and headed toward my doom. Just then, out of nowhere a white pickup truck darted from the woods and took the lead. Could this be our Indian guide, Cochise, come to safely guide through the wilderness of Backwoods Virginia? No, it was Kenny's brother, Jeff, that was leading us through a maze of county roads. Jeff lingered at couple of cross roads unsure of which way to go. This did not inspire much confidence in our non-Indian guide. Suddenly, around a dog-leg turn in the road the the DAMN DAM loomed just ahead. No time for me to get mentally ready to face this demon! Kenny's MIND GAME seed died! The road over the John Kerr Dam was a piece of cake.

Buggs Isand is a beautiful park and even camp site is covered by a canopy of real trees not the piney woods we so often see in Fla. Kenny discovered that in Virginia in order to operate a boat you must have a boat driver's license. TAXES!

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