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9/1/2014. Monday. Let's Run A Sting!

It sure felt good to wake up late this morning knowing that I wouldn't have to drive for the rest of the week. We had nothing planned today so I sat in my rocker and read my Kindle while Jenny and Anita took the dog for a walk around the park. They discovered a couple of old grave headstones within an old wire fence. Upon further inspection, Anita was able to detect a Confederate flag on one headstone and the initials CSA( Confederate States of America) carved into it. She is going to take a few photos of their find and Jenny and she will try to uncover the history behind these graves.

Kenny's sister Diane and her husband Dewey drove down from Newport News to visit for the day. Dewey is an avid baseball fan and is deep into baseball card collecting. He and I sat around for hours talking baseball and telling baseball stories. This was fun. Diane, Jenny and Anita talked and laughed the afternoon away. When Kenny arrived back at camp from running errands with his brother, we decided to walk around the park. It seems that we are members of a small select group of campers left after the Labor Day weekend. Back at our camp wasps were circling overhead determining which of us was the most vulnerable for attack; they decided that Diane with her Type O blood was the ideal candidate.

Naturally, Anita had a wasp trap she purchased from Aldi. After setting it up, she needed to put bait inside to lure the wasps through the trap door. Kenny supplied some chicken livers and they hung the trap on the lantern post. And so we all sat and stared at the trap as 2 wasps showed interest in the dining fare we provided. To my my utter amazement both of the wasps entered the Chamber of Doom and ultimately met their fate. This, dear readers, was the entertainment of the day as 6 adults sat in rapture for an hour gazing upon the behavior of 2 insects as they plotted their entrance into the trap to get at the delectable chicken livers and making bets whether the trap would work. I lost.

Tomorrow we will be going into South Hill to dine at a unique restaurant.

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