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9/2/2014. Tuesday. LET'S GO!! NO, STOP!!!!

Ah, the morning air was cool, fresh and fragrant and the birds were just singing their little hearts out as I was preparing for a relaxing morn ere we went to luncheon in South Hill. Suddenly, the birds stopped singing and the morning air fell heavily about my head and shoulders when out of nowhere Kenny came panting over to our campsite babbling about being able to move our campers to sites that abutted the shore overlooking a point jutting into the water. Kenny stammered something about the ranger said we could move to the more scenic sites if we hurried before anyone picked them for the weekend. Hastily, I swung into frenetic action and began my decamping procedures by reeling in the awing, disconnecting the water line, disconnecting the electric and moving the RV forward to attach the tow dolly. Uh oh! In my haste I neglected to retract the stabilizer jacks! Fortunately, I drove a mere 4 ft when I realized my error. Whew! No damage was incurred. As I was hooking up the tow dolly, Kenny once again materialized out of thin air and looking upon my sweating brow said that the ranger called and said he made a mistake and the sites would not be available after all. So, good ole perspiring, exasperated Bill moved the RV back 4 feet and reconnected our life lines to the appropriate receptacles. Well, I must say that that was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life ranking just below my prostatectomy.

Finally, Jenny called an audible for lunch so I went inside and wiped dry my arm pits and applied generous doses of deodorant and changed into a dry shirt. We went into South Hill to eat at the Horseshoe Restaurant so named because it was once a blacksmith shop. It has been operating for 80 years. The general appearance was that of a 1950's diner and the staff was very friendly. The Horseshoe is known for its fried green tomatoes, homemade pies and home made pimento cheese. Kenny ordered the Elk burger, Jenny requested the Clydesdale (8oz burger with fried green tomato), Anita ordered the hamburger steak burger( 8oz burger topped with mashed potatoes, grilled onions and smothered in gravy, bun and all), and I opted for the pimento cheese burger. The pimento cheese was very delicious! Kenny ordered fried green tomatoes for the table and when they arrived I thought Anita would soak her blouse in drool. The tomatoes were thickly sliced and the fried crust was dry and crunchy and they were crowned with the delicious homemade pimento cheese. All agreed that these were the best FGT's they ever slung a lip over. Now for dessert: Jenny had the chocolate chess pie, Anita ordered the sweet brown sugar pie and I had the coconut pie. The Horseshoe hit the pie out of the park! These were better than any homemade pies I ever had!

After lunch, Kenny took us on a truck hike to see his grandmother's old house. It was hard to find since it was abandoned many years ago and the woods had started to reclaim its land; only the block shell remained but it was still interesting to hear about some of its history from Kenny.

The grave site near our campsite dates from the mid 1800's and the Confederate soldier buried there was named A.J. Dunn. We don't know any more about him.

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