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9/5/2014. Friday. Don't Pity The Pita!

It rained all night and there is nothing better than sleeping with sounds of rain drops bouncing off a metal roof with air conditioner set at 70, an electric fan humming away and being all wrapped up in a big, warm comforter. By morning the sun was up and the air was cool and Enya was gambol ing in the forest...All's well with the world!

The 4 of us took off for Chapel Hill this morning in wild anticipation of unknown events that may cross our path. Chapel Hill is the home of the University of North Carolina and is really a nice little college town unlike the mess that is Durham. Kenny parked the car and we walked amidst the students on our way to lunch at a Middle Eastern Restaurant just across the street from the university. What a nice place! It had a full deli and bakery and the food was piled high and looked very fresh. Anita ordered the Kibbi ( fried meat roll), I had a chicken slouvaki, Jenny had an Gyro and Kenny had the chicken slouvaki combo with an gyro plate. All the dinners came with hummus, tababouleh and pita bread. Our lunches were outstanding.

Kenny and I both visited their bakery and I bought some baklava and cannolis and Kenny just got baklava. Yum, yum, yum! Evidently this wasn't enough food for us, so Kenny suggested that we go to Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream. That did it! This took us over the top and into gastro-distress.

To work off all the food we went to a converted textile mill and shopped the little boutiques there. There was also a co-op food store there and it was great; so we bought more food! Jenny wanted to get her grand daughters a gift so she went into GiGi's cupcake store and bought them each a GiGi cupcake t-shirt and she bought herself a GiGi Cupcake cap. By some miracle we escaped the cupcake store without purchasing any of the great looking cupcakes. BUMMER!!!!

Tomorrow, we head north to Maryland and Kenny and Jenny will head home. It's been fun being with them this week and we'll miss them as we wander aimlessly through New York and other unsuspecting states of the Union.

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