LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Diving Brazil

Buzios from the boat

On route back to Buzios

Aimee and Ben

Breakfast at the hotel


Our friend and travelling buddy for the last week Ben Juice! Actually...


We decided that we had to chalk up another country on our diving list and that we also needed to see a bitmore of Brazil. So we went to a travel agent that Ben had found and enquired about diving trips. She recommended Buzios, three hours from Rio. Showed us pictures of this beautiful beach town and we were hooked immediately. Booked a 2 day/1 night trip.

We arrived at 9:30 am and were changed and on the boat by 10. It was a cloudy, miserable day. But the fish don't care if it rained and neither did we. Must admit, almost tossed my cookies on the ride out to the island. The waves were rough and plentiful. And the old adage to look at the horizon to prevent seasickness didn't seem to help at all. But once we anchored and rested for a few mintues. I was fine.

Two glorious days of diving despite the weather. L and I were on our own and Ben went with an instructor as he is not (yet) a certified diver. The water was a bit cool but we have certainly experienced worse. The diving was fantastic, clear water and good visibility. Saw the usual, including giant turtles. We also saw 2 puffer fish blown up! One of the instructors picked one up to get a closer look. We had been told in the past if they blow up 3 times then they die. Wonder if its true because he had never heard that before.

My favorite was a fish I called the Batman fish. It swam along the sea bed, then extended what look like a cape with a beautiful blue lining to glide or to make itself look big. It was stunning and I think my favorite fish of all of the dives we've done.

We went out for a late lunch then crashed hard after the diving. After the nap, we went out on the town. All of the shops are open late and there are loads of restaurants and bars lining the streets. We chose to spend the evening having a few drinks at a Cuban club and watched the salsa dancers. We were in bed by midnight.

L and I decided we couldn't bear another night in the hostile. So we booked another night to stay in the hotel, which was attached to the dive shop. Ben had already paid for his night at the hostile. So he took the bus back to Rio in the afternoon and we agreed to meet up with him when we returned.

All total we now have 48 dives under our belts. Not bad considering we started from nothing only a few months ago. If we had stuck around a bit longer and dived another 12 times we'd be eligible to be dive masters! Don't think we weren't tempted...

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