LIFES ONE LONG HOLIDAY - 2005 travel blog

Iguazu Falls National Park

At one with wildlife

Slowly decending down

Our tour group for the day.

Boat and water!

Somewhere over the rainbow!

4X4 ing through the national park

The next day we toured the Argentina side of the Falls. L, Ben and I were joined by 2 university students from Kentucky on a summer program in Buenos Aires, Natalie and Jackie. Believe it or not you get a completely different perspective from a different country. This side is made up of a series of interconnected catwalks. So at times you walk over the calm, pristine river. And the next minute you're in the heart of Devils Gorge, where it is so loud you can't even hear the person next to you speaking! It looks from here as if you could jump off the edge of the earth Thelma and Louise style. Very impressive.

We took a tourist train to another part of the falls and were accosted by teenage girls who wanted to know where we were from. When we said England, Paris and US respectively, they were so excited, they all wanted to take their pictures with us. Was like the paparazzi! I thought they thought we were famous. But I think it was more of a school project or something. Was quite bizarre...

Everywhere you looked there were falls. And falls behind falls. Big ones or small ones, they were all impressive. After we had just about had it with water, we stopped for lunch. After lunch we walked over more catwalks and then started the 'Grande Aventura` part of the tour. This consisted of getting in a motorboat with 20 other people and riding under the falls. Now that was cool! Yes, we got drenched and the water was cold! But now we can say we not only saw the falls, we were in them. After that the boat took us downriver and we got to ride on a 4X4 safari truck for 8K back to the main road. That was a bit anticlimactic.

All in all a great day, though, which ended back at the hotel. Table for 6. Dinner and several bottles of wine. Had a great night. The quote of the day came from was Jackie. She told me she went on a shopping binge in Buenos Aires and had to buy an expensive pair of shoes. She said wholeheartedly, ''I love those shoes more than I've ever loved any man.``

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