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Blowing Pumpkin

9/9/2014. Tuesday. The Navigator Blew it......TWICE!

Boy was it a chilly 58 degrees this morning! Since I was the first one up, as usual, I had to take Enya out and she wasn't used to the chilly temps either because she peed and was ready to go back inside in less that 1 minute. When a terrier doesn't take time to sniff an acre of ground, you know it's cold.

This morning we went to the Navigator's Nirvana: the Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG). She has always has an obsession with glass and visiting a place loaded with the silica oxide and other sundry elements will be, to say the least, an orgasmic experience of the first order.

CMOG is an amazing place; There is every type of glass in every configuration imaginable. Their glass exhibits were enormous consisting of original ancient Roman and Greek glass, Islamic glass, Syro-Palestinian glass, European, Asian, African and American glass. The styles ranged from ancient, etched, cut, Deco, Modern, Medieval, Nouveau, strained and more. The Tiffany collections were unreal! The museum had numerous live exhibitions throughout the day the most interesting one being on fiber optics; The extremely pure glass for the fiber optic cable was developed at the Corning Glass Works. One single fiber optic cable ( thin as thread) can carry over 9 billion phone calls at one time! The demonstrator went into the science of how these cables work but I don't have room here to relate it all.

Anita signed up to take 2 hands-on glass making classes. In the first class she made a blown glass pumpkin and she actually had to blow into the tube to make the round pumpkin. Knowing what a klutz she can be, I was worried she might inhale the molten glass into her lungs so there was some potential hazard of demented entertainment to be had. The second class she wanted to make a glass flower for her mother as a thank you gift for taking care our my beloved Tashi and, of course, Anita's plants. For this class she had to don a protective apron, arm protectors and heat resistant gloves. She was required to actually shape the flower and it turned beautifully. This was a great day for her and I quite enjoyed CMOG immensely.

After leaving CMOG, we drove into downtown Corning; This is a beautiful and quaint little town with a lot of neat shops.

Tomorrow, we have to pick up Anita's projects since the glass had to cool down for 20 hours. This is going to be MY day! We are going into the great little town of Corning to luncheon at Sorgi's Italian Restaurant (the best eatery in town) and then walk over to Dippity Do Dah's homemade ice cream store for dessert.

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