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Franz Josef Glacier

A Kea (Alpine Parrot)

Ice Picking

Ice and a temperate rainforest

A cold couple

View from half way up

The other half...

Are we there yet?

Icy Slide

Glacier "Bridge" (ladder actually)

Hi Again,

Sorry for the flood of updates but our hostel here has free internet. So.... we are taking advantage.

The glacier climb up Franz Joseph was a ton of fun. But man were in need of the A535 afterwards. Amazing enough we had a beautiful day. Barely a cloud in the sky, all the blue was radiating through the ice. We hiked for about 12km's almost non-stop. Our guide, as good as his skills were, we think was a little too much in a rush to get up the ice flow. On our only break in the day (20 mins) we weren't even finished our lunches before the guide started calling "put on your talonz (crampons), we've got to keep walking". Other than that it was an amazing spectacle of nature and we survived the day and had a real nice soak in the hot tub at the hostel that night.

Feeling a little sore...

Chris & Troy

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