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Holy Cannoli





9/12/2014. Friday. Holy Cannoli!

BRRR! It was very chilly this morning and a light mist was falling sheepishly upon the ground. It looked and felt like it was going to snow today bus couple of hours later the weather cleared to an overcast chilly day. We donned our coats and rain gear and headed out for an exciting day exploring.........wait for it.................WATERFALLS!

The drive through the single lane backroads and over the rolling hills to Watkins Glen was very pleasurable. The Watkins Glen State Park was right in the middle of downtown and after paying our $8 to park we walked over to the start of the trail.

The trail, I might add, consists of 800 stair steps winding precariously around the outside of a gorge! The steps are relatively narrow and some have hand rails and others do not. There are also narrow foot bridges that cross over the gorge at various points adding an additional dimension of terror. Needless to say, I bailed out after the first set of 15 steps when I saw what my future on the trail might look like......not good! However, Anita being the head strong photographer that she is continued on solo. After she returned to the car and woke me up, she showed me the pictures she took of 19 water falls, spiral caves, foot bridges over the gorge and other sundry nature pics. She said she had a great time and I am glad she did; she really enjoys being in nature. We went to get a burger for lunch and then for dessert we drove over to Scuteri's Cannoli Bakery. People, these cannolis were scrumptious! The ricotta cheese filling was whipped into a light texture and laced with almonds. It was worth the wait in the car while Anita risked life and limb capturing waterfall photos.

Once the cannolis were obliterated, Anita plotted a course ......wait for it........ANOTHER waterfall! We drove just down the road from Watkins Glen to the village of Montour to see the Montour Falls. Lucky for me the 156' falls is right in the town and all I had to do is park on the street and look up. Fantastic falls and no threat of death! Anita found out that there is another waterfall in Montour. I asked the guy at the parking lot how far the hike was to these falls and he said about 800 ft. I thought I could easily handle this and went with Anita and started on the trail. Uh Oh, I see metal stairs and a narrow path heading skyward and hugging the rim of this gorge. So, I once again I bid adieu to Anita and beat a hasty retreat to the car, my sanctuary. These falls looked beautiful, according to Anita's pictures.

Hopefully, Anita has gotten her fill of waterfalls. Oh, I forgot that we are heading to Niagara Falls the mother of all waterfalls in the U.S. As far as I know, all I have to do here is get off the tour bus and look at the falls. I can handle that with ease.......I hope!

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