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Had a really nice sleep in today, the German and Belgian travellers I had such good times with yesterday had packed up for Koh Phangan already. Just like that, people who could be your best friends are off. Oh well. The island was literally my oyster, where do you begin in paradise? The weather wasn't stunning yet, but I didn't want to waste time. I got out my hiking shoes and just started going. The island is way bigger than I thought, but still small enough there's no way to get lost and it's fun for adventure. I trekked right through the center of the island looking for an abandoned bay or something. Half way up the mountainous center I came across a nice German couple my age. As I am apparently half-German now as I get along with everyone from there. We started walking the same direction to Hin Wong bay where there's great snorkeling. Over lunch, we figured out we had been walking the same road during the storm and that we had seen each other. Distressed travellers are very obvious apparently. We went down towards the bay over plank-walks and stilted huts built over gigantic boulders. I take a few rushed steps into the blue water. Arggggg. My first step was on a razor sharp rock hashing my left foot. My first battle wound. Damn it. Immediately that was the end of swimming for me, just didn't want to take the chance. You hear horror stories of these wounds because of the weird bacteria  in exotic water. I hope I'm not one of them, so I cleaned the heck out of it. Regardless I had no problem hiking the mountain back up with our team. We spent the rest of the afternoon chilling by the beach, basking in the semi-sun and just soaking up the experience. Welcome to paradise indeed. Been great to consistently meet awesome people on this trip so quickly (ironically almost all are European). After a brief rest myself and a couple of Danish travellers went to a beachside cafe and watched a fire show where performers twirl flaming rope for hours on end. After this was when the audience could dare to do fire limbo and fire jumprope. Since this is utterly insane I sat back and watched the burns and regret from a distance.

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