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This was a big one. We watched the fireshow late, over cocktails and so it was a tough get up again. Lucky for me there was nothing happening tonight. Oh wait? What, there's one of the biggest spectacles of idiotic young travellers in the world tonight? Oh no. So despite my ignorance I had planned this a while. Every full moon on the adjacent island of Koh Phangan there's a gigantic neon all-night party the whole world goes to. My plan all along: go to the island from Koh Tao at 4pm, come back to Koh Tao at 8am the next day with no hotel booked, no friends. The reason was that they charge 5x price and make you stay for 5 days on the other island during the full moon, I hated that. So I packed my small bag and just did it. The boat ride at 4pm was worst than the first. It was like a comedy of people puking overboard. What will it be tomorrow?! Lucky for me I get to KPN and meet a cool guy from Ottawa walking, he had the same idea as I did. We take the cab 10km to Hat Rin beach where the party is, man the driving gets worse every day I swear. We caught up with his friends and chilled before the busy night to come. As we are at the bar, I recognize my Belgian friend Dylan from 2 nights ago! Never say goodbye to travellers it seems. All of us formed a group and neon painted each other as is tradition. Then we walk to the beach. Well, that's bigger than I thought. I was thinking the beach party was maybe 1000ppl on a property. This was thunderous music across the entire side of the island, and 20,000 people. Madness. In short here is a no holding back description of the insanity (as tonight I was more or less an observer). Young people from almost every country lit up in neon, various heights of stages and platforms where performers and dancers are literally playing with fire. Drones with cameras circling above taping the craziness, Thai kids taking part dancing around, black light everywhere giving the beach an eerie glow. And of course: Crime galore. This event is part of the Thai GDP I swear. Overcharging everything from disgusting food, to toilets. A whole business surrounding pickpockets where Thai kids and ladys scour the dance floors for wallets and bring them to a boss. It was attempted on me twice. As well, a lot of people drink out of these colored buckets, you can guess what else can easily go in them. Knew a few people these circumstances happened. Despite all this, it was a good time. The whole trip I heard people say 'I'll seer you at the party and Ko Tao. This was true, i saw maybe 20ppl from previous weeks, it was amazing. The mega-watts of electricity used also caused massive blackouts like in Cambodia. During these me and my friend would start a 'white stripes' chant you use at football games to fill the silent music. Amazing! First we got a big chunk of one crowd to join in. Our american friend didnt believe us. Second time, we clearly start it, and 3 to 5000 join the chant. Our friend was impressed this time, and our egos were satisfied. I couldn't sum up the nights events, it was all night of course. But jeeze as the sun rose over the east peninsula i was relieved. Also surprisingly thankful I could witness an event that is tough to get to, again even as someone who came for the show. It was worth the hassle.

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