Alex en Europa 2012 travel blog

I meet up with Amir my Ottawa friend at the pier in KPN, jeeze we made it. As we make the most puke-filled boat ride back yet, we realize we still have face paint on. We start walking on the Koh Tao pier and all the 'normal' travellers look at us like we have measles or something, it was priceless. I spent the rest if of my 36 hour day getting a massage, relaxing and preparing for what feels like a cold coming. I get one EVERY time I travel, this one was 3 weeks late. Finally get some solid western pasta at the only sports bar in Thailand it seems like. As my cold gets worse, I take comfort in the Cardinals-Chargers NFL game on. It feels like its filmed on the moon it's so far. I start getting the chills and just head home and sleep. 15 hours later...

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