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American Falls with Canadian sightseeing boat

American Falls

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9/1402014. Sunday. Is That Disappointment On Her Face?

We left CampBell early this morning to avoid the RV traffic jam at the only dump station. Good call by the Navigator! We on the road by 8am and heading west on I86 and then taking the more scenic route 36 N to Batavia where we picked up I90 west toward Buffalo. Suspiciously, this route took us right by Letchworth State Park the home of a tall waterfall. The Navigator me thinks pulled a fast one on me. Pulling up to the ticket gate, I asked the guard if an RV could make into the park. He said the waterfalls were 15 miles from the gate up a narrow, winding, steep road and it would be better to off-load the car and drive it up to the falls. After hearing the complexity of this situation, the Navigator changed her mind and recommended that we push on with the original plan.

It was a beautiful drive to I90 but then we found out that I90 was a toll road. I don't know what New York does with the tolls but they sure as he'll don't use it to repair roads. We were bumping and grinding all the way to our next exit to get into 290 heading the Niagara Falls. Well, we weren't bumping and grinding, the RV was. Finally, we got to the Robert Moses Parkway and on our merry and bridge-less way to KOA in Lewiston, NY. You would think that parking in your designated campsite would be fairly easy but no, I missed the turn the Navigator so kindly pointed out and ended up in an impossible position of not being able to maneuver the RV back on course. I heard the mgr of the KOA whistling and telling for me to stop! Apparently the RV wasn't going to fit where I was planning and taking it to turn around. So, I had to de-dolly the car and he pulled the tow dolly to the site and I backed said fat ass RV up to make the necessary adjustment and ended up parking it ok. The Navigator had to walk back and get the car.

Now, we are all set up and it's still early so the Navigator says she would like to go to the falls tonight and see then lit up and later the fireworks display. The KOA mgr said we could get to the falls by just following Robert Moses Pkway into Niagara and then park near the falls. Off we went into the unknown. I started getting tense since we were driving along the Niagara River and there a menacing bridges waiting to snag me and thrust me terrifyingly into Canada! The Navigator was doing her best to keep from a full-on anxiety attack and just then I saw it: a sudden rise in the pavement up ahead that certainly looked as if I was approaching my death. But once to the rise, it proved to be a causeway going past a power plant.

I landed safely in Niagara and we parked at a gaudy gift shop and walked over to the falls. I think Anita was disappointed in that the viewing section was at the top of the falls. The best view of the falls is from the Canadian side where you see both the American falls and the Canadian Horseshoe falls in their full glory. She took a few pictures off the falls and the rapids on the Niagara River as it plunges over the falls. Since I was a little nervous driving here, she wanted to leave before it got dark so I wouldn't get confused and freak out. I told her to stay and wait for the lighting of the falls and the fireworks but she insisted we leave before nightfall. We even tried to find a Wamart but it was too dark and we had to go back into Niagara.

I felt sorry for the Navigator; this day has been one disappointment after another. Monday we will be going to to see a light house, Tiffany windows at a church and the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine. Tuesday, we have a tour of Niagara Falls scheduled and I hope this will be the opportunity for Anita to get the pictures she has been waiting for.

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