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9/20/2014. Saturday. Ya Wanna Veg Out?

Today is really a rest day but Anita just won't give it up. She wanted to go into Cooperstown to see their Saturday Farmer's Market. We drove around the village of 1800 peeps and didn't see no stinking market, so Anita asked an innocent bystander if they knew where the market was. Yes, indeed, was the reply; the market is behind the Keys bank. I parked the car and we walked to the bank and still didn't the damn market, so Anita went into a store inquired within. Cooperstown did a great job of marketing the market: the market is down a narrow alley and buried behind the Keys bank. Well, once we found the place it was pretty neat. 99% of the vendor were selling real farm fresh produce and not the junk we see in Leesburg where the vendors usually buy their produce from wholesalers in Tampa. Anyway, we stopped at an Amish stand and bought 3 bags of vegetables so I could make fresh veggie soup tonight.

Thinking my day was complete and I could go back to the RV for some R&R, I was momentarily thrown off balance when Anita said she now wanted to go see an orchard in Middlefield. Feigning orchard interest, I merrily motored over hill and dale until we arrived at said orchard some 22 miles later. Actually, the orchards were a nice place to visit: it consisted of apple trees, peach trees, pear trees, pumpkin and squash fields and fields of corn and cabbages. The orchard was very picturesque surrounded by hills. Anita traipsed all over the fields taking photos while I sat comfortably nestled in the car and sanguinely listening to College Game Day on ESPN radio. In my opinion this is the best surroundings for listening to radio as you can gaze upon the beauty of nature without actually being in it.

At last Anita returned to the car and I thought for sure we were now about to head back to the RV. But no! The dear girl just happened to notice that we passed a cheese shop on the way to the picturesque orchard and she wanted to stop and look at some cheeses. We went into the shop and it smelled as if someone had just "cut the cheese". After taking a cursory look around, this crazy lady of mine purchased an extremely small $15 bottle of olive oil and some cheese curds. This was no ordinary $15 bottle of olive oil, this $15 bottle of olive oil was infused with basil! I can't tell you how many times over the last 48 years I wished my olive oil was infused with basil. Now, 2600 miles and in the village of Cooperstown, Ny my dream has been fulfilled!

This evening, Anita cleaned the RV and did the laundry while I put the car onto the tow dolly and prepared the RV for our trip to Hershey on Sunday.

It was good to have veggies for dinner; we seem to eat mostly meat and starches when we travel.

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