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We awoke to the sound of thunder yesterday. The tropics typically have showers, but this was something else; it poured nonstop all day for a total of six inches. We saw warnings on TV about flooded roads and the way it was coming down, it was easy to envision the gullies at the bottom of the steep hills full of water. We sat on our balcony and read, watching the bananaquits hiding from the incessant rain under the huge green leafs. The planned sunset boat ride was moved to Sunday night. There would be no sunset on Friday. And most of all we worried about the wedding. The forecast for today was equally poor - 100% of rain all day.

But as is often the case the weather forecasters had no idea what they were talking about. On the wedding day the sun shone and there was more blue sky than gray. It is always warm and humid in the tropics, but after all that rain, you could cut the air with a knife. All the important women in the wedding had their hair and make up professionally done. We heard that their hair-dos were coated in a sort of wax, and whatever the professionals did, everyone looked beautiful. The men suffered greatly in their beautiful gray suits, long sleeved shirts, and ties carefully selected to match the wedding colors. But no one complained. Despite the best plans of the bride, the hair/make-up folks caused a major delay. They showed up very late and worked very slowly. As we all gathered for the planned “photographs before the ceremony” trip on the shuttle van, most of the bridal party was nowhere to be seen. The female hired photographer went up to document the preparation process and Ken took photos of the men. Once the bride and groom appeared Ken and the photographer found many beautiful spots right around the hotel to document Karyn’s gorgeous dress and the beauty of St. John behind her and Kris.

Once the mother of the groom appeared, a patient woman who had waited and waited for her professional beautification, we all boarded an open air shuttle for the beach at Trunk Bay. After a brief photo stop at the ruins of a sugar mill, we all gathered at the beach, sipping the sky blue drinks that Karyn and Kris had carefully selected and prepared. A guitarist stood nearby strumming romantic tunes, adding to the ambience. There were a few chairs on the sand for the old and infirm, but everyone else gathered around the bridal arch as the pair exchanged vows and rings. The sun set behind them during the ceremony and the sky glowed as much as the newly weds. It was a perfect wedding, just what Karyn had planned.

The group took over a restaurant in town for the reception. While the liquor flowed, a steel drum provided that Caribbean feel. The tables were beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and the flickering votive candles that the bride’s parents had hauled here in their carry-ons. After a great meal, a DJ took over and after the traditional first dance, bride with father, groom with mother dances, the guests took over the dance floor. The music blared, echoing from the stone walls of the restaurant. It was so loud, my ears hurt and I headed outside for relief. Eventually, Ken decided he had also had enough loud sound and taken enough beautiful photographs, and the old fogies headed back to the condo, happy that the day was as beautiful as it was supposed to be.

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