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9/21/2014. Sunday. Hey! Where's Tony?

We had to take I88 to I81 to Lebanon, Pa. Interstate driving is the most boring and tiring driving there is. We really missed the rolling hills we drove through in New York; we love passing the through the countryside and small towns to see how people are living. The roads in Pa ain't no better the ones in Ny; there is always one lane closed due to construction and the roads themselves are like riding over speed bumps ad infinitum.

On the road at 8am with a light breakfast and no where on these interstates to pull

over for lunch, we were getting right testy with each other. By the time we decided

we just had to pull off the highway to eat, we saw a sign for Lebanon, Pa indicating we were just 25 miles from our 1000 Trails Resort Campground, so no lunch.

The campground is beautiful and the best part is it is only 8 mi

from Hershey. After setting up at 3:30 pm, it was a necessity that we go get some lunch ASAP!

The campground ranger recommended Sopranos Italian Restaurant just down the road. I was dubious that there was any good Italian food out here in the boonies but I was surprised when we got our orders. Anita ordered Italian sausage and penne pasta and I ordered spaghetti with Bolognese sauce and meatballs on the side.

The wait guy brought out a big basket of garlic bread that was perfectly crisp and with just the right amount of cheese and garlic. This preamble to our meal bodes well for our entrees. Our eyes bulged in their sockets when the wait guy brought out 2 huge plates of pasta. There must have been a pound of pasta on each dish! The sauce was better than we expected but just a little sweet, not bad though for where we were. Needless to say we had to bring home a goodly amount of the Italian aphrodisiac for another dinner.

Monday we are going to tour the Hershey plant. Anita is almost faint just think about all that chocolate amassed in one place. It wouldn't surprise me if she bought a case of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups.......freshly made. I toured the Hershey plant in 1974 and I got to see the big chocolate mixers and the production line for the Kisses. I don't know if the tours have changed but we shall see Monday.

After that big lunch, you will have to excuse me now, I have to go lay on the couch and "make room."

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