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9/25/2014. Thursday. Safari So Good!

This morning we went to the Virginia Safari Park just outside the front entrance to the KOA. We arrived at opening time, 9am, and we left the park at 12:15 pm. For you mathematicians out there, we spent the whole morning at Safari Park. Here's the deal: you drive up and purchase your tickets and a bucket of food for the animals and then you proceed driving on the marked roads at 5 mph, roll down your car windows when the various wildlife approach, you hold the feed bucket with both hands out of the window and feed them. Sounds easy enough until Anita tries it as we enter the animal area. We were attacked by the Llama Mafia! The llamas blocked the road so I couldn't pass and the others would attack the windows. Anita panicked at the onslaught of llamas and forgot to hold the bucket outside the window. No problem for the llamas, they just had a feeding frenzy in her lap spilling food all over the car.

We just got into the park and already we were out of food. I had to nudge the llamas out of the way so I could proceed.

We finally cleared the Mafia and entered into the forested hills where we saw:ostrich, emus, rheas, fallow deer, Japanese sika deer, axis deer, Pere David deer, Rocky Mountain elk, one and two hump camels, giraffe, bongos, Dama gazelle, Blackbuck antelope, Arabian oryx, eland, sable, wildebeest, nigai, bison, water buffalo, yak, Scotch highland cattle, Watusi cattle, pot-bellied pigs, zebras and rhino. So, you see, the park was loaded with American, European and Asian mammals. We did the circuit once which takes about an hour and then Anita got into the back seat so she could get more pictures as we drove the circuit again. The park also had birds, monkeys, tigers, cheetahs, giant tortoises, kangaroo in their zoo section. We had a lot of fun here and these people really do a nice job with the animals keeping all their areas clean and neat.

LUNCH! Anita suggested we go back into Lexington and have lunch at the Southern Inn. Wow, what a nice place; they had white linen table cloths on the tables with a full service of flatware. Anita order the meatloaf and I had the fried chicken. Our plates look like they had been arranged by Gordon Ramsey and the food was fantastic. The vegetables were fresh from the local area. We only paid $25 for our lunch which was a pleasant surprise since we were eating on white table cloths.

After lunch, Anita had a hankering for some bakery goods so we walked over to a bakery we spotted yesterday: Sweet Treats. The owner started talking to us and we found out that he lived in Pompano Beach for a while and attended culinary school there. He is Chinese and was originally from Guyana which is on the northern coast of South America. We talked with him for 20 minutes and then we bought $20 of freshly made pastries: peanut butter cookies, pumpkin pound cake, carrot pound cake, blueberry scones, and apple tarts. Yum, yum, yum!

We have driven all over Hell's Half Acre looking for the FoamHenge that Anita wanted to see and photograph and after 2 days of frustration and asking directions to the place, we gave up the ghost. Some guy made a exact replica of Stone Henge out of foam. He must not have tv.

A note to Tammy and June who will appreciate this: The stink bugs are in full force here in Natural Bridge, Virginia.

Friday we are heading to Sumter, SC so Anita can get her National Park Passport stamped at Congaree Swamp. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

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