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9/27/2014. Saturday. Meet Me On The Boardwalk.

This morning is the morning that we go to the Congaree National Park. It's more of a swampy woods than a park. I had heard that some time ago a hiker got lost for a day or two in this abysmal swamp so Anita,being the concerned hiker that she is, asked a ranger at the visitor center if there was a chance of us getting lost. The ranger said that as long as we had boardwalk under our feet we would be ok.

Since this was a boardwalk hike, I decided to accompany Anita on her photo hike into the woods. Little did I know that the boardwalk was 4 miles in length. It was a pleasant walk although a monotonous one seeing the same scenery of trees and swamp in a seemingly never ending trek. Anita kindly informed that Congaree was the home of the largest and tallest trees in the Southeast. She halted our pilgrims' progress in front of a large pine tree. You see this pine tree here is a loblolly pine and is the largest pine in the South. I was so taken aback at finally seeing a loblolly pine tree that I almost forgot to respond to her. "Wow, what a big tree we have here, how about I take your picture next to the massive truck as a size comparison", I said as I recovered from the initial shock of gazing upon the majestic loblolly pine. This boardwalk branched off into different directions necessitating us to walk all the branches so we could see the same trees and swamp from different angles. I casually and a little sarcastically reminded Anita of The Jungle that we haven't seen any wildlife that was supposed to be so abundant in the swamp. No sooner had I said this than Anita of The Jungle spotted a herd of 4 wild pigs - a mother and her 3 babies-rooting around amongst the cypress knees. At last, we had exhausted all branches of the boardwalk and started trudging back to the visitor center. Anita pulled out her Fit Bit and informed me that we trudged 4 miles consuming over 9,000 steps and burning over 900 calories. Somehow, that info only made me more exhausted.

After spending 21/2 hrs in the swamp, it was time for LUNCH! We stopped at the Carolina Pottery on our way to LUNCH and looked around. This was a well merchandised store that put our pottery stores to shame. They had everything you could want in housewares, home decor and holiday decorations. I think we stopped to walk this big store to add more data to the Fit Bit.

LUNCH was at the Lizards Thicket which is locally known for its great Southern cooking. Anita had a fried pork chop with fresh collard greens and I had a country fried steak with fresh black eyed peas, baby lima beans and mashed potatoes. We also ordered 2 pieces of lemon meringue pie. The food was SOOOOOOOOO Good and inexpensive. Weird name for a restaurant but the food was outstanding.

This afternoon, Anita did the laundry and I got the car up on the dolly and tied down for our trip to Brunswick, Ga on Sunday.

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