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9/28/2014. Sunday. Hey, What's That?

We got an early start this morning hitting the road at 8:30am. The drive to Brunswick was only 219 miles so we decided to take a more scenic route at least part of the way by going south on US1 and then taking US78E out of Aiken, SC to hook up with I95S.

Well, I got confused right out of the gate; as we left the Barnyard RV Park, I turned left onto US1 thinking I was heading south. After 10 minutes of casual driving, the Navigator says, "Hey, what's that?" THAT, my friends, was the skyline of Columbia, SC looming ahead! Instead of heading south on US1 I was heading north right into midtown Columbia with an RV and towing a car! Quickly, I swung into an abandoned gas station, jumped the curb and nimbly dodging traffic realigned myself to a more southerly route on US1. Whew! A PMD ( potential meltdown) was avoided.

It was a nice and easy drive on US1 and US78 with hardly any traffic. I think Sunday is the best travel day. We saw a few really neat little towns on the backroads which was really a plus considering our chosen route turned a 31/2 hour drive to Brunswick into a 7 hour trip.

Reaching our campground in Brunswick tired and hungary, Anita decided to capture another 12 stink bugs inhabiting our RV with her bare hands. She is so adept at this that whenever I spot one of the little creatures I scream in my very best Girl Scout voice for her to come save my life!

The decision of where to eat dinner was an easy one: only 1 mile from our campsite was a Krystal!! Enough said.

Monday, we are going over to Jekyll Island to see some driftwood on a beach. Luckily for me there is an alternate land route to the island so I won't have to drive over the Bridge Of No Return to get to the island. There is supposed to be some good restaurants on the island so there will be something for both Anita and I to look forward to: Anita taking pictures of driftwood and me eating something delicious.

Navigator's Notes- He's not kidding about the screaming!!

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