Greg & Amy's World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Lake Wanaka

Let's hit the slopes!

Narley dude!

Getting some edge...

...over the edge - ouch!

Safely at the bottom

Back to the top

No broken bones

Heading back to Wanaka for some apres-ski!

Apres ski

In the heart of the Southern Alps in an area known as the Southern Lakes, Wanaka is the après ski capital of the southern hemisphere. It was a perfect base for the nearby ski field of Cardrona, where we spent 3 days learning to snowboard (with varying degrees of success).

What would be a scary journey in a normal car became a nightmare in our campervan, driving up the side of a mountain with nothing stopping us from falling 1,900m down to the bottom. This made us nervous, let alone the prospect of snowboarding!

When we finally got there we donned our gear and took our snowboards out to the slopes. At this point, at least we felt like proper boarders. The lessons were definitely necessary and although getting started was tough, Greg picked it up pretty quickly. Amy was a slow starter and tears were shed on several occasions as her frustrations (and injuries) took over. She wasn't as bad as she was making out though and by the end was getting in some turns.

With sore bums and a satisfied feeling we made our way back to Wanaka for some well deserved après ski! The hot mulled wine and locally brewed beer helped ease our aching bones!

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