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Ruins at Olmpia

Crowning Stacey after the race in the ancient stadium

Pam at the stadium

Entrance to the ancient Olympic Stadium

Some ruins at Olympia

Temple ruins at Olympia

Alter where the Olympic flame is lit

Some statues in the museum at Olympia

Statue in the museum at Olympia

Location for lunch

We started the day with a big breakfast at the hotel and loaded on the bus to go explore Olympia. Our tour guide Dimitria, said that we'd be having a race in the stadium, and of course we all laughed, but she was actually serious. To my surprise, almost everyone participated, and they were pretty fast. It was fun, and we all had a good laugh.

It was so fascinating to learn and feel the history of Olympia and try to imagine what life was like. It's so amazing that any of these ruins survived. We had a great day.

Here's some information about Olympia:

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