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Pretty view leaving Needles

Lots of cactus!

Lots of desert mountains!



We drove thru a dry lake bed

What a difference water makes! With water...

without water!

Getting into Joshua Trees now

The borax plant & tailings in Boran, CA

In the Mojave Desert near Mojave, CA - wind turbines everywhere!


The colors in the mountain are beautiful!


Camped in our favorite rv park in Tehachapi

At the glider port - & they're pulling out a glider

Take off, circling, overhead, back on the runway - quite a show...

The cement plant across the valley is actually kind of attractive

We had a pretty good drive from Needles to Tehachapi today. We noticed that the California desert isn't as green as the Arizona desert - not so much rain. We hit some wind in the Mojave Desert but we were out of the wind as soon as we started up to Tehachapi from the desert floor.

The number of wind turbines around Mojave & Tehachapi have increased dramatically since we were here a couple of years ago! Hopefully they're making a difference.

We're stopped at our favorite little rv park in Tehachapi for the nite. It's at the glider port & we saw a tow plane & glider go up shortly after we arrived. Nice entertainment with the rv space! Ha!

Tomorrow we're headed to Hartland Christian Camp for about 10 days. More later...

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