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Sorry, I couldn't resist this one - GO GIANTS ! World Series...

The house was still there and the COW fit back up the...

Even the lawn wasn't full of gopher holes - a neighbor's cat...

Our second home is 400 square feet

Bertha (as I fondly call our Freightliner) pulls the COW like a...

These recliners are more comfy than our old ones in our house

Oh, yeah, the GIANTS DID IT AGAIN !!!!

We got home last week but it's been a busy several days.

I thought I'd wrap it up with some "numbers":

We left July 28 and got home October 27 for a total of 93 days on the road.

We logged 8400 miles in those 93 days and covered 15 states.

The temperature high was 104 (thank you OREGON and Joanie's home state) and the low was 59 one day in KANSAS. We averaged 77 degrees which was just about as perfect as we could want. We had very little humidity and most rains we had occurred during the night. This is very different than what we are used to in California. It is nice to hear the rain on your RV roof all night long but wake up to blue skies.

RV parks, whether public or private, vary in price and accommodations. You can go from a basic electric hook-up and nothing else to full hook ups (electric, water, sewer, cable TV) in a resort type park that has a pool, hot tub, restaurant, bar, activities, security, wifi, newspaper delivery, etc. Most parks also have reduced weekly and monthly rates.

With those extreme ends of the spectrums come extreme differences in price. We went from staying overnight for free (many states allow 5 nights free camping to disabled Veterans) to $55/night for the high end parks.

We averaged $33/night for a site. I don't know of any hotel or motel (Motel 6?) that charges that little for two people.....and a 75 pound dog.

Bertha (the Freightliner) averaged 10 miles/gallon. No, that truck is not a Prius. It was built for one job and was purchased for one tow our 26,000 pound COW (condo on wheels) behind it.

Our 8400 mile trip used 840 gallons of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel averaged $3.80/gallon so that means we spent just ender $3200 for fuel. That comes to $34/day. So if we add that to our RV site cost we get $67/day.

So when people ask us how much does it cost or would it be easier to travel across the country by car and stay in hotels here are my other reasons:

We don't have pack and unpack luggage

We are sleeping in the same room and same bed every night

We can eat in or eat out, whichever we choose

We stay as long as we want or leave if the mood strikes, we don't have to worry about hotel reservations, etc.

We meet the nicest people in RV parks. We've never really met people in hotels.

It's a great way to see this beautiful country.

We can plug in if we want but we are also totally self-contained as our new rig has four solar panels and deep cell batteries with inverter, capable of running our whole "house" except the AC's, along with a generator. We already tested it out on this trip when we "boon docked" overnight at a truck stop when we had a cracked rotor.

We prefer this way of traveling. It's not for everybody but it works for us.

Jessie loves it !

If a person thinks RVing is for them, I'd recommend renting one first for a short vacation before buying one. There are many stories of people buying an RV, taking one vacation in it, and selling it the minute the return home ! It's not for everyone.

Our trailer is 400 square feet, which is 2/3 the size of our first house ! Anything smaller and somebody might die:) Many couples at our rally are full timers, selling their "sticks and bricks" home, and they love the lifestyle of only having one home, their trailer. I say I could do it but Bill likes his garage and his classic car. He has a car show this weekend and he likes to drive "the redhead" while the weather is still nice. It's 75 degrees today in Aptos so how can we complain ?

Life is good.

We will be home through the holidays but will be leaving in February for a rally in Phoenix and then we are going to SPRING TRAINING !!!!!! So baseball really isn't that far away. Go Giants !

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