Eastern CA and Oregon Fall 2014 travel blog

Sunset at the Indian reservation

Sunset down at our park

5 days of rain...3.5 inches in the next 2-3 days, 50 mph wind...time to head south!

Had a great trip...a wonderful Thanksgiving week with our friend, Patricia, (who is also our photographer). Lazy days curled up by the woodstove, walks in the forest in the rain with the dogs (first time ever Yuki got drenched with rain), fun at the golf course, picnic in the cow pasture...simple pleasures in a small, rural town.

Trying to decide what route to take south...don't really want to go down through Oakland, would do 395 again except freezing "mix" is predicted, 5 is so boring...tough decisions. ..lol...

Motorhome is gassed up, half packed. We'll leave leisurely in the morning...5 days to go 850-1000 miles...easy trip (we hope).

Thanks for listening....if you are in Orange County, see you next week...

Jim and Doris, Tank and Koko (who don't want to leave the squirrels and the deer)

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