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view from Platamonas

View of Mount Olympus National Park

The way to Dion

The Castle of Platamonas

Onto the road again and leaving Thessaloniki behind we take the coastal road around the Gulf toward Mount Olympus in search of Gods but all we could find was clouds. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and home to the twelve gods of Antiquity. Apparently the Twelve gods live in Ravines according to Homer!

At the foot of the mountain and situated 5 Kilometres from the sea, lies the sacred Macedonian city of Dion, dedicated to Zeus and the twelve gods. On our way back from the gates into the National Park we passed a herd of goats demolishing the embankment flora before being shepherded by a fellow with a handful of orange peel that they were knocking him over to get at, out of the way of our big car.

Onward to the little outcrop of land and The Castle of Platamonas (clos-ed) which proudly sat lording it over the Gulf and the stone strewn beaches below.

All along this stretch of the drive, we have noticed the changing colours of the landscape where deep green is giving way to the russets, yellows and oranges of Autumn.

Finishing the day, we arrived into Kalambaka – gateway to the Monasteries of Meteora

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